Friday, July 15, 2005

US Patriots, United

"I" am actually a composite representative of a (growing) group of concerned citizens who are unaffiliated with any official organizations. We are made up of a variety of people from differing political parties and philosophies who share a common observation - the hijacking and misapplication of key words and phrases toward political goals has caused a deterioration of the core foundational values of our nation.

We decided to address this, and - in light of all the recent back-and-forth accusations of 'un-American', 'traitors', 'treason', and 'true patriotism', we decided to start with our common definition of 'A True US Patriot'. Working together on the Internet, we assembled a list of ten defining characteristics of 'A True US Patriot', and published it at USPatriotsUnited on July 4th. We also coordinated the release of these characteristics on several locations throughout the web, as well as via flyers handed out to the public and faxed to Congress.

If you google the term "A True US Patriot", you're likely to hit the list. It was released without the requirement to link back to the blog, so that folks could freely print and distribute it. Freedom Press reported 57,233 hits just by the end of the day on July 4th - it was just one of the sites where the handbill version was displayed. Within the next two days, it soared to over 100,000. Flyers numbering in the thousands were handed out – numbers are still growing, but approximately 3,000 in the Seattle area alone went out on July 4th, with requests for more. And the folks at MailToBlog cited our efforts and put up a way to help spread these ten principle characteristics.

We intend to continue - first, by reviewing the ten point that we'd defined, in order to help others better understand the points as well as those who contributed, and then by exploring other misappropriated memes, themes, words and phrases.

Our first post in this vein will appear on Saturday, around mid-day. Hope to see you here.


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