Saturday, August 26, 2006

September 17th, 2006 -- Our Day of Infamy

On Sunday, 17 September 2006, we would like to commemorate the 219th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution with an act of True Patriotism: a reprinting of the "Ten Characteristics of A True US Patriot" in both physical and electronic form.

Please join us to help make this event a memorable one.

Our nation, now more than ever, needs to be reminded of the fundamental beliefs that underlie one of the most important documents of our short history.

Our goal is to have hundreds of copies of the original Constitution, along with copies of the "Ten Characteristics of A True US Patriot," inundate our national and state government offices. We want to make it impossible for the Congress, the Republican majority and the Bush Administration in particular to walk through the day without having to face the core tenets of our nation.

Please help us make this happen. Help take back our nation by reminding those who claim to act in the national interest to act in the interest of the people and support their oaths of office.

Whether you print out a copy of the Constitution (and Bill of Rights) along with a copy of the Ten Characteristics, or simply email them, make sure that your state representatives in Congress get them. Freeway bloggers can put up signs that say "Google 'Ten Characteristics of A True US Patriot'" or "USPatriotsUnited blog" -- anything to get the word out. Here are some ideas:

Have a block party (get proper permits of course) if you don't live near a statehouse or in the nation's capitol.

Have a candlelight vigil, where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are read aloud, followed by the Ten Characteristics. Call your local news media and have them cover it.

March on Washington DC, culminating in a meeting where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are read aloud (via megaphone directed at that nice white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue), followed by a reading of the Ten Characteristics.

Don't let the day and the importance of the anniversary that it commemorates go by unnoticed by those who dare to flaunt their violation of their oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution. Let this be our own personal "Day of Infamy" -- by the numbers. Get organized. Get permits. Get commitments to march, or read the documents aloud.

We'll be back shortly with more information about how we'd like to accomplish this. Stay tuned. And drop any ideas you have on how to accomplish this into comments.

It's time to exercise our collective voice. Let freedom ring.